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Haemillia All in One Hydrating Cream

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Moisturizing cream that fills the skin thoroughly with water and nutrients


1. Different water base 


Creation of everlastingly moisturized skin with the support of 66% of the sap of baobab tree which is

regarded as a miraculous repository of water from Madagascar Island in Africa. 

2. Ecocert certified hyaluronic acid

With the outstanding moisturizing effect, it prevents the skin from going dry and also defends the skin from

an external bacterial infection. 


It supports collagenesis for enhancing the resilience of the skin and also helps the skin stay transparently      clean based upon the excellent affinity with skin tissue.


3. Nourishing effect from patented fermented ingredients


It is low-molecular by the fermentation process and therefore gets absorbed into the skin fast and               nourishes the skin easily and also shows outstanding spreadability and adhesion.

It shows the superb detoxifying and anti-oxidative effect with an increase in anti-cell aging substances         

and nutrients created during the fermentation process.

It also has the anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and soothing effect and prevents various types of skin        problem. 


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Haemillia All in One Hydrating Cream

Haemillia All in One Hydrating Cream